LAHORE - Wasim Bari, PCB Director HR, has taken charge of an additional post of COO after the Board relieved Salim Altaf from his duties. The PCB on Tuesday, appointed former Test captain Wasim Bari as its acting chief operating officer after the Governing Council signed a summary for the dismissal of Saleem Altaf. The Board said Bari would continue to work as COO until a new appointment is made. Altaf, who has been in the Board since 2004, has more or less accepted his fate this time and didn't appear to have any intentions of challenging his dismissal, a report said. "This time the Chairman (Ijaz Butt) has done everything according to the book to sack Altaf and has got the governing board members behind him," the official said. Last time Altaf was sacked as COO by former Chairman Dr Nasim Ashraf in June and he didn't follow rules and regulations. This allowed Altaf to file a legal challenge and win a case and be reinstated. "This time all the regulations have been followed and the Board is compensating Altaf for the remaining period of his contract that was to expire in January, 2010," the official said. When contacted, the reports said, Altaf made it clear he would not comment on his dismissal and only speak on the issue after consulting his legal advisor. "Altaf and his brother Naeem Bukhari are both experienced lawyers. I don't think Altaf has any intention of lodging a legal challenge this time," the official added.