KARACHI - Nazim Karachi Syed Mustafa Kamal has said that the real cause of accumulation of rain water on roads is not infrastructure but citys seven big drains. As per actual plan the drains are 77 meter wide but have shrunk from 5-7 meter at various places because of encroachments and as a result their cleaning has become impossible. He was talking to media after a visit to the city on Monday/Tuesday night. Mustafa Kamal pointed out that the city received 125 mm of rain within a short time and now here pumps machines were used to drain out water which drained out within few hours through the infrastructure. He said that for the last 2 years he had been clamouring that citys sewerage is disposed of through seven major drains, but these have blocked because of encroachments and the problems will keep multiplying with the passage of every day. He said it is not within the city government power to solve this problem, but all political parties, citizens and media will have to play their role in this regard. He said no room is left for drainage of sewerage water and whenever city government starts action for removal of encroachments, it is made a political and linguistic issue, although it is purely a humane issue and needs to be resolved. Mustafa Kamal said that work on channelisation of Gujjar nullah has been started and it would again be widened to 77 meters because citys sewerage drainage will only be solved through complete channelisation of seven nullahs. He informed that city government has made complete preparation, encroachments marked and development works started in areas where those shifted would be rehabilitated. He asked the media representatives to extend full cooperation and prepare the citizens to understand that elilmination of encroachments is in the interest of city and citizens. Nazim Karachi said whosoever remains on the seat does not make any difference because these are government projects and would certainly see completion as there is no other alternative to it. He told the media that marking of encroachments has been completed in two towns and work would be visible on ground within a week. He announced that encroachments would be removed without any discrimination and even MQM voters would be removed first because it is an issue of the city.