Correspondents Dean Nelson and Emal Khan, in their report to Telegraph of UK (on August 20) have quoted accusations of Asma Jehangir of Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) against Pakistani forces which recently concluded an operation to clear Swat of Taliban. She has accused the forces of having done extra-judicial killings and having buried the dead bodies in mass graves. Asma is surely a great human rights activist but she was conspicuous by her absence when the Taliban were flogging women in Swat or hanging people on trees. They did not even allow people to bury the rotting torsos or heads of corpses. I, for one, fail to understand why she doesn't see the thousands of mass graves in the Occupied Kashmir. The human rights groups have verified through DNA tests that those buried in IHK mass graves are not foreign militants but native Kashmiris. Why she cannot see the reign of terror being unleashed in Kashmir by Indian troops and security personnel? What about rape of two women at Shopian whose dead bodies were thrown in the river? Why these double standards? -AEIMEN MALIK, Rawalpindi, via e-mail, August 22.