Former President General (r) Pervez Musharraf has claimed that he asked nothing for himself but discussed the issues pertaining to the development of Pakistan in his meeting with Saudi King, a private TV reported. The former president discussed the ways to improve political and economical situation of Pakistan in his meeting with Shah Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz held Tuesday, Chaudhry Shahhaz Hussain - former federal minister and a close ally of Musharraf, told the newsmen. It was decided in the meeting that all the steps would be taken keeping the Pakistans interests in view, he added. After the meeting, the former president was quoted as saying that he would apprise the nation of the deteriorating economical situation of the country once he arrived in London. The meeting for which Musharraf flew in to Saudi Arabia from London Monday on a special plane owned by Saudi King continued for more than three hours. Few Saudi cabinet ministers were also present in the meeting first hour, while later, Musharraf and King Abdullah held a one-on-one meeting lasted for more two hours. The former president also called on Saudi Intelligence chief Prince Mukaran on Tuesday besides addressing members of Pakistani community in Jeddah.