LAHORE-The PML-N has firmed up a strategy to respond to the smear campaign, launched against its leadership and called its Central Working Committee (CWC) meeting in Murree on September 7 to take stock of the current political scenario and other matters including the conspiracy to wrap up democracy, party reorganisation and membership drive. PML-N Quaid Nawaz Sharif chaired the consultative meeting held to discuss various issues at Raiwind on Tuesday. PML-N Chairman Raja Zafarul Haq, Iqbal Zafar Jhagra, Ahsan Iqbal, Sardar Zulfiqar Ali Khosa, Raja Ashfaq Sarwar, Saranjam Khan, Khawaja Asif, Sartaj Aziz, Saad Rafiq, Pervaiz Rashid, Hanif Abbasi and other attended the meeting. The meeting that continued for more than three hours decried the vilification drive. The meeting deliberated over the current political situation as well as process vis-a-vis party membership and reorganisation after Eid ul Fitr. During the meeting, Nawaz Sharif constituted a media team comprising senior Party leaders for giving a befitting response to the ruling PPPs smear campaign against Party leadership. The committee comprised Party Information Secretary Ahsan Iqbal, Khawaja Asif, Khawaja Saad Rafique. Senator Pervez Rasheed would responsd to PPP propaganda in the same coin,the sources said. Addressing the party meeting, Nawaz Sharif made it clear that any smear campaign against party leadership and party would not be tolerated and PML-N would fight for upholding the Constitution and democracy, and would not allow any adventurer to play with the future of the country. PPP, he said, is running unilateral campaign against party or party leadership. He said he did want confrontation with PPP but such kind of tactics against party would not be tolerated at any cost. We would not become party to any conspiracy, which is tantamount to derailing democracy, he said. He hoped that the country would not go back to past. The country cannot afford political confrontation because it is facing several challenges, he said. We want to help the govt to bring the country out of crisis but the ruling alliance would have to end smear campaign against PML-N , he said, adding, that Musharraf should be tried under Article 6 of the Constitution. He said PML-N would neither get de-tracked from its agenda nor would allow anyone to do so, he added. Government should repeal the 17th Amendment and 58 (2)b for revival of genuine democracy in the country, Nawaz said. Nobody would be allowed to deprive the nation from the fruits of democracy because they have struggled for more than 8 years to get rid themselves of the dictator, he said. The meeting decided that PML-N would soon hold intra-party polls from the Union Council to the central level. After the meeting, PML-N central Secretary Information Ahsan Iqbal accompanied by Iqbal Zafar Jhagra said in the media briefing that PML-N did not believe in confrontation and that was why Nawaz Sharif always fostered friendship with the govt. However, he said that no compromise on national issues could be made. He said 'if we play a role of silent spectator and compromise on national issues, people will never forgive us. On Gilgit-Baltistan issue, he said had the govt brought the issue before the Parliament for discussion, it would have been better. But it is unfortunate that from the day first, he said, PPP was taking unilateral decisions instead of doing consultation. Criticising the PPP decision-making process, he said the PPP leadership decided matters after lapse of opportune time while it never moved unless it was pressed hard. He said the PML-N highlighted the issues of corruption at the platform of Parliament so that govt could improve its performance. 'We wanted continuity of democratic system instead of confrontation, he added. On the issue of party reorganisation, he said all the recommendations prepared earlier regarding party reorganisation came under discussion. He said the PML-N would initiate process of party reorganisation on modern lines. 'We will hold party elections from union, tehsil, district and provincial and central level, he said and ,added, that party would invite students, lawyers, civil society, intellectual, businessmen and cross-section of society to join the party in a bid to make the future of Pakistan more brighter. Iqbal Zafar Jhagra said as far as Musharrafs trial was concerned, PML-N would not move an inch away from its stance, rather it would press hard for his trial without wasting any more time. He said Musharraf should be made an example of retribution so that no Army General could ever dare derail the democracy and sabotage the Constitution.