KARACHI (APP) - Pakistan Medical Association (PMA - Karachi) asks Karachi Nazim and Sindh Health Minister to declare emergency in city and its hospitals so as to counter possible outbreak of malaria and gastro-enteritis. Dr. Samreena Hashmi, General Secretary of PMA - Karachi talking to APP on Tuesday warned that the incidence rate of the two diseases may assume epidemic proportions if measures were not taken to prevent further spread of these preventable ailments. She, through the platform of PMA, requested City Nazim to declare emergency in the health department and ensure that fumigation was carried out through out the city and also at its out skirts. Standing water, consequent to recent showers, once drained out must be immediately followed by regular fumigation, she said. The senior doctor also demanded for a proper and regular arrangement to remove heaps of waste and garbage from all parts of the city. The PMA General Secretary also drew the Nazims attention towards the fact that sewage drains and lines needed to be properly covered as they otherwise had turned into most potent sources for breeding of mosquitoes and flies. It was hoped that City Nazim and health department would extend due attention towards cleanliness and would also prevent outbreak of water borne diseases like typhoid, Gastro-enteritis, Cholera etc. Masses were also urged to consume boiled water for drinking and that to drink plenty of water during summers. In case of diarrhoea and vomiting, they were advised to use ORS and if the condition could not be controlled within 24 hours then the concerned patient be immediately reported to a qualified doctor. Please do not resort to self medication, said Dr. Samreena Hashmi and also urged people to always wash their hands before eating and after using toilet. People were asked to keep all food items and drinks properly covered and also to avoid eating gola ganda, sharbats etc. sold on push carts or stalls without proper provision for hygiene. PMA General Secretary also urged that fumigation be carried out on emergency basis and that every government hospital must have adequate facilities to deal with gastro-enteritis cases assuming almost epidemic proportions in the city.