ISLAMABAD (APP) - To maintain a proper record of paintings/sculptures acquired by government departments, the Ministry of Culture has been working on its project of preparing a 'Database of Art Works. The decision for this project was made by the government that all expensive art works acquired by the government departments would be registered and a detailed catalogue would be prepared and put on website. According to the PC-I of the project, It will create awareness about a national treasure spread over the country and the masses of Pakistan will use the books and publications for references. An initial budget of Rs 5 million has been allocated for the project that estimates a total of Rs 30.650 mln to be completed in 3 years. The project design includes the survey of government departments all over Pakistan, registration of paintings acquired by government departments, compilation of information into a publication, designing of information on a website for reference, record and access to public, maintaining liaison with the listed government departments and regularly updating information adding post project purchases. With the aspects of employment, the project will generate direct/ indirect jobs during its execution and after completion, technical/skilled staff will be employed to keep the data updated. Locally produced printing and publication material will be used. It will also create indirect economic circulation.