LAHORE - A Supreme Court Bench taking a serious exception to the conduct of a petitioner and the counsel appearing therein Tuesday issued notice on them to show cause as to why they be not held for contempt of court action for attempting to abuse the process of law. The Bench comprising Justice Khalilur Rehman Ramday and Justice Ch Ijaz Ahmad asked the petitioner Manzoor Hussain and the advocate to come up with a reply to the notice on Wednesday (today). Justice Ramday addressing the counsel Yasin Bhatti said, system would fail if the lawyers, who are supposed to follow rules and regulations, would themselves prone to sidetrack from the law. The judge said lawyers are bound to tell their client as to what was the procedure of law and requirements of the rules instead of leading them to the violation of the same. The petitioner, a taxation officer, in his service matter moved the Service Tribunal which sought inquiry from the department into his case. The department moved appeal against the decision before the Supreme Court which was accepted and the Tribunal order was set aside. The petitioner moved a review which was also dismissed. In this situation when the matter had attained finality at this level, the petitioner again moved the Tribunal and against its decision, the Supreme Court also. Justice Ramday took a very strong note of the conduct and said, the counsel for knowing the rules and regulations that a matter having attained the finality could not be started afresh and he should have guided his client on that instead resorting to this frivolous litigation. The Judge said the system would totally fail if people would incline to start the litigating afresh feeling not satisfied with the Supreme Court decisions. Imagine what would happen with the cases of murder and other heinous offences, if the parties set the trend of rejecting the SC decisions, Justice Ramday added while rejecting the unconditional apology sought by the advocate for his act. Observing that the Court was shocked at the audacity of the petitioner the SC served a show cause notice on the petitioner and also on the lawyer for having knowledge of all that but not following the procedure.