The Muslim Ummah is passing through the winter of its history and Muslims have lost the sense of nationalism which was and still is the hallmark of Islamic ideology. Islam as a religion is for every land and culture. Recently the Muslim world faced huge changes within; Gaddafi was brutally slain in his own country; once patriot Mubarak is now a traitor; and it’s the turn of Syria now with Asad being hounded; Muslims are murdered in Burma, Palestine, Kashmir while no one raises a voice.

As of now the Shaia-Sunni conflict is of primary importance but the OIC is in hibernation. One wonders who will rise and wake the Muslim rulers to take steps to resolve these festering issues? Are the present Muslim rulers all despots? The lawlessness in Libya now should be a clear indication of who is a despot! I do not want to get into any particular uprising, I just want to ask who will solve the problems and why was OIC created if they are reluctant to take any action or unite the Muslims of the world under one flag? How long will the fate of Muslims be decided in the White House? I wish to convey my desire that we should unite before it is too late. Organise OIC on modern trends and let no one decide our fate but us.

There is still time for us to save Syria from a baleful doom and if Asad meets the same savage end, there will be no end to the shedding of Muslim blood and history will never pardon us. 


Lahore, August 30.