On private TV channel the other day, two known scientists, Dr Pervez Hoodbhoy and Dr Shuakat Hameed Khan discussed and questioned Agha Waqar’s invention – the water kit. The scientists were very critical of Waqar’s venture. All the scientists who have appeared in the talk show so far to discuss this subject are theoretical, not applied, scientists. They are of the view that theoretically it is not possible to run a car on water. Waqar, on the other hand, has practically demonstrated that a car can run on water as fuel. If the car was running on simple distilled water then it is a matter which should be taken seriously by all including theoretical and applied scientists and technical persons.

In my opinion, the PCSIR should form a team of theoretical and applied scientists and automobile engineers to investigate the whole matter. The investigation should be held without wasting anymore time, in front of the media under strict security because there have been instances when new ideas and even inventions were bulldozed by established organisations, technical persons or even scientists.

Iqtidar H Siddiqui,

Karachi, September 1.