FAISALABAD : Irrigation Department Chief Engineer Ch Khawar Nazeer said water life is facing severe threats due to water effluent being discharged by the industries without proper treatment. He said industrial units were discharging chemical-mixed poisonous water that was directly thrown in the canals by violating rules and regulations. He said the industrial units were bound to install water treatment plants before discharging effluents but most of the industries had not water treatment plant due to which chemical-mixed poisonous water discharged.

by the industries fell into canals directly or indirectly and poses severe threats to the water life and agriculture sector as well.

Responding to a question, Chaudhary Khawar told that there was a best drainage system in Faisalabad having total length of 1,474 miles for drains whereas 2,399 miles long Rajbahs are irrigating Faisalabad zone through 6709 water channels.

He told that length of canals and its branches in Faisalabad zone is 454 miles excluding 38 miles escape channels and 103 miles QB link Canal.

The Rasool Nagar drainage system which passes through Qadirabad Beraj has 22.31 miles length in Gujranwala and Hafizabad whereas the Faisalabad drainage system has a length of 682 miles which mainly comprises of Jaranwala main drain, Barh Chiniot, Ahmad Pur Weg drain, Ahmad Pur Kot Nikka drain, Kalo Tarar Cchamb drain, Independent drain etc, he added.

Similarly, Sammundri drainage system has a length of 790 miles which comprises of AKN Drain, Chiniot drain, Chak Bandi drain, Sammundri main drain, Gojra Khewora drain, Toba Khairwala drain, Jhang Independent drain.

He told that the outflow of irrigation water at Lower Chenab Canal (LCC) System is 12243 cusec which is being extended up to 15528 cusec.

He said that 62 percent underground water in Faisalabad zone is sour and brackish which is injurious not only for agriculture corps but also for human consumption.

He further told that at present, 35100 cusec water is being released in 9 canals of Faisalabad which would be increased up to 46060 cusec within next few days in order to cater the irrigation needs of the farmers for cultivating crops.