The parliamentary democracy is taking roots in the country but its pace is slow, an apparent reason for this seems to be a disconnect between the parliament (provincial legislatures included) and the public. Our legislatures are more like an ‘elite club’ though it should be where people’s representatives sit. These elected elite has no problem, security or otherwise while going out asking for votes but once they are elected they have no interaction with the people who voted for them or for their electoral area.

The practices regarding physical access to assembly around other democracies are altogether different; they are open to their constituents. To quote here, there are many examples including that of countries as smaller as Scotland, Georgia and as bigger as Germany, South Africa. They offer guided tours to their assemblies, some have installed glassroofs to let the public watch MPs working and there are public galleries the world around where anyone can enter and watch the Parliament in action. Our common man feels no sympathy or empathy with the elected members as there is a large fence separating them, we need to work on bringing them closer if we want democracy to grow in the country.


Arifwala, August 30.