The world over before a general elections, politicians of the area do work for the constituency to prove that they can be good rulers, but Pakistani politicians have set no such standards. All their energy and money is spent on speeches and posters and buying TV time.

This year the total cost on the general elections 2013 is estimated around Rs 23.96 billion. For a poor country like Pakistan this was a huge amount spent by political parties for the promotion of their manifesto through posters, rallies, TV and print ads and other political campaigns. This amount, if it had been spent on development could have made a difference in this poor country!

As we passed the phase of general elections, the by-elections started hanging above our heads like a Damocles sword. The by-elections are elections contested on the seats vacated by candidates who had been contesting elections from more than one constituency. Recently we witnessed the by-elections held in 41 national and provincial constituencies, in which again the candidates used all their resources to get favourable results. Once again our already engaged, multi-tasking armed forces were deployed at the polling stations to ensure transparency and law and order. Our armed forces are much more needed on the borders instead of at polling stations due to the ongoing tensions with India. It is my humble request to the Chief Election Commissioner that serious notice must be taken in this regard, and candidates must only be allowed to contest from one constituency. I can assure you that this positive step would save a lot of time, man power, money, and other precious resources.


Lahore, August 23.