After the media big bang, now we have a host of channels from all-rounders to specialized ones. Among them is one channel which covers all types of news from Lahore and its surrounding cities. Such channels are a good addition as it caters to that part of news which are not seen on the national channels. Hailing from Lahore and living in Islamabad makes me tune in from time to time to this channel.

However, it was very sad to watch its transmission on August 30, 2013. The channel after showing its short news bulletin, showed the marriage ceremony of a prominent businessman again and again, the whole evening, right till late night. Showing the wedding proceedings does merit as news (due to the prominence of the businessman) however dedicating unlimited and nonstop transmission of the wedding was not fair. May be the price paid was very high! It would have been nice if this wedding was shown as a news item and given lesser coverage.


Islamabad, August 31.