LONDON: A fake plastic surgeon whose botched injections left a woman’s face swollen beyond recognition is being investigated by police.

Marcelle King suffered a severe allergic reaction after ‘Dr’ Ozan Melin gave her what he claimed was Botox. Her heart started racing and she was rushed to A&E to receive a cocktail of drugs to bring the reaction under control.

Dog-trainer Marcelle, 58, paid Melin £400 cash to have the treatment in a friend’s kitchen. She was impressed when he turned up in a new BMW and told her: ‘I’m a surgeon and I trained in America.’ But 37-year-old Melin lives on a council estate and is not a doctor. He runs a cosmetic treatment firm called Smoothface.

After the first treatment nothing happened, so Mrs King went back after a week as he had offered a free booster. ‘This time the injections were far more painful,’ she said. Five hours later, her face felt ‘on fire’ and she could not open her eyes. 

The next day she saw a nurse who insisted: ‘You need steroids, antihistamines, adrenaline and antibiotics, now!’ At A&E she was told the reaction had made her heart go into tachycardia, which can kill.

Consultant Kevin Hancock, of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, said the fact Melin was taking cash-in-hand for kitchen injections ‘all adds up to a dodgy Del Boy image’. ‘It’s highly likely this reaction was caused by impurities in whatever he injected into her face,’ he said.

When we confronted Melin at home in Lytchett Matravers, Dorset, he claimed Mrs King’s dogs caused the reactions. He said: ‘She done it to herself.’–MOL

A spokesman for Dorset Police said:  ‘A 37-year-old Poole man has been arrested on suspicion of fraud. He has been released on bail until early December.’

Earlier this year The Mail on Sunday launched its Stop The Cosmetic Surgery Cowboys campaign. Since then a major inquiry led by NHS medical director Sir Bruce Keogh has exposed shamefully inadequate practices in this sector. He recommended much better training and tighter regulation.