The other day I happened to read in an Urdu newspaper that fumigation spray was completed in the MC areas by the Health Department of Charsadda. The truth is that there was some spraying done but it was much localised. It seems to have been done indiscriminately in some areas, my own area of MC-1 at Garhi Hameed Gul Mian no spray was done. It is unfortunate that work is done on files rather than in reality. Fabricated reports are sent to newspapers, but actually no practical work has been done to benefit the citizens of that area. The authorities of Health Department Charsadda are requested to carry out satisfactory fumigation spray in all parts of the city so that protection from mosquitoes can be ensured and protection against mosquitoes is provided to some extent.

I would like to request the Municipal Committee Charsadda to look into the unsatisfactory cleanliness in the city. The Committee has many workers appointed specifically meant for ensuring clean environment. Why does the Committee fail to use them for ensuring clean environment of the area? The new government of Pakistan Tahreek-e-Insaf in KP which made many promises must take actions to prove that they are fulfilling the mandate given to them. They must ensure justice to all throughout the province.


Charsadda, August 30.