LONDON: Avocado fans are in for a treat after it was announced a leading supermarket is starting to sell a giant-sized version of the fruit.

The ‘Avozilla’, which is five times bigger than the regular avocado and weighs an average of three pounds, has already hit the shelves of Tesco. ‘The Avozilla has a fantastic taste with a rich, juicy, buttery texture, and creamy flavour,’ said the company’s salad buyer Emma Bonny.

‘The ripe fruit is an attractive vivid green colour - different from the darker-coloured smaller variety - and its thick skin can actually be used as a serving bowl for guacamole.’ Ms Bonny added she believed the mega fruit would appeal to families and those seeking value for money. She added: ‘Avocados are full of nutrients and vitamins, and by stocking these big varieties, we’re making it easier than ever before for our customers to eat healthily.’–Metro

At the moment the seven-and-a-half inch (average) fruit is exclusive to Tesco and costs £3.