At Rural Health Centre here, a sole doctor, who is also running his own private hospital near the RHC, is available for about 125,000 people.

There is no woman medical officer and medical officer and other paramedical staff to treat the patients who visit the hospital while Senior Medical Officer Dr Masood Aziz has established his own private hospital namely Aziz Hospital a few yards away from the RHC, where he alleged fleeces the patients. There is one operation theater equipped with all the facilities, but the doctor and the staff force the patients to visit the SMO’s private hospital.

The USG machine at the centre is lying out of order while shortage of X-ray films and medicines is another major issue. The building of hospital has already been declared dangerous by the Building Department. In the rainy days, the hospital was filled with water which directly benefited the SMO, because all the patients had to go to his private hospital.

Sources disclosed that the SMO along with dispenser Muhammad Zia misappropriates funds of the centre by purchasing substandard medicines in low quantity. It was also disclosed that the Health Department issues more than Rs500,000 to the RHC for smooth running of generator during loadshedding, but it was witnessed that especially in the evening the generator is never run. Local people said that he was causing a big loss to the national exchequer and demanded an inquiry into the issue.

SMO who has been working since 15 years in the centre has set a laboratory along with a medical technician in front of the centre and charge heavy amount from the people in the shape of tests. They said that a number of inquiries against SMO Dr Masood Aziz were underway in the health department but no action has so far been taken against him. The people of the area demanded that Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif, Secretary Health, Punjab, DCO and EDO (Health) Kasur should look a stern action against him.

When contacted, the SMO denied the allegations but admitted that he was running his own private hospital. He said that the government allows doctors to run their own private hospitals and clinics.