ISLAMABAD -  Due to non-cooperation of Sikander, the gunman who brought the capital to a standstill during an armed standoff last month, police are likely to apply polygraph test to ascertain truth.

The police officers investigating the case have recently reported to their bosses that Malik Sikander was not cooperating with the investigation team despite the fact that doctors have pronounced him mentally fit. 

“Sikander seems reluctant to extend his cooperation with police investigating team. He kept on changing his statement again and again,” a source privy to development told The Nation on Sunday, adding that either the accused gave wrong statements or kept silent.

Prompted by Sikander’s cold response, Islamabad police high-ups are likely to conduct a polygraph test of the accused and may record his statement once they are granted physical remand.

 Earlier, a team of doctors who operated the accused at Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences last month declared Sikander mentally fit and allowed the police investigating team to record his statement.

Islamabad police have already applied polygraph test on Sikander’s wife who is co-accused in the case.

According to medical and psychological experts, a polygraph (popularly referred to as a lie detector) measures and records several physiological indices including blood pressure, pulse, respiration, and skin conductivity while the subject is asked to answer a series of questions.

This technique is basically used by the law enforcement agencies around the globe during interrogation. The test is said to help the detectors ascertain if the accused is telling a lie or not. Technique of polygraph test is not new in Pakistan; however, its use is not common here as the law enforcement agencies in Pakistan choose to adopt conventional ways to ascertain truth rather than using polygraph test.