PESHAWAR - Condemning the repeated hike in the prices of petroleum products and other daily use items, people belonging to different walks of life criticized Nawaz Sharif govt and said that PML-N has completely failed to provide any relief to masses.

Talking to The Nation, President of Local Transporters Association Khan Zaman Afridi said that they were expecting improvement in the common people’s life but unfortunately, all the policies of the previous government have been taken forward.  He said demanded of the federal government to take its decision on oil prices back otherwise the transporters would come out to roads to record their protest.

President of Peshawar Nanbai Association also strongly rejected the recent prices in petroleum products and termed it an attack on the poor people of the country. He said that they could not bear the atrocities of Nawaz Sharif government as he not only increased the prices of flour but also hiked the prices of petroleum products.

President of Tikka Karahi Association of Namak Mandi Bazar Haji Khan Baz Khan also vowed his full support with Nanbais Association and rejected the recent hike in flours as well as petroleum prices. He said that the Tikka Karahi Association would also keep their hotels closed tomorrow to condemn the government for high inflation and prices.

He maintained that due to the petrol oil prices increase the price of each commodity is going high, which would definitely affect the poor segment of the society.

Amanullah Khan Mohmand, a former transporter and resident of Mohmand Abad, Peshawar, said that what are the difference between PPP government and PML-N rule as the current government has surpassed the previous government in term of inflation.