SWAT - Number of dengue patients in the valley of Swat has alarmingly inflated to a thousand while the number of registered patients has reached two thousands.

Some 900 patients have been discharged from Saidu Sharif Hospital, over 100 patients are still undergoing treatment, while thousands are being treated at their homes. Two wards are specified for dengue patients adding to that the hospital admin is forced to keep the rest in tents, verandahs and open spaces inside the hospital premises. As per report, private hospitals are also filled with no room left for incoming patients while endless row of people can be seen outside private laboratories all day.

On the other hand different teams comprising medical experts have reached Swat for treatment of dengue patients.

Meanwhile, the district administration is actively fighting the disease. Many meetings have been arranged here at Deputy Commissioner Office to launch anti-dengue fever campaign. In this regard Acting Deputy Commissioner Swat Farrukh Atiq ordered for fogging spray at targeted areas. Recently after a meeting he organised a committee of 300 workers including youth of the valley, Levis personnel and other government servants.

The deputy commissioner gave out hand pumps to 300 workers for door to door anti-dengue spray drive. According to official figures, eight thousand houses have been fumigated by workers as the campaign continues.  While on the other hand DC Furrukh Atiq made another committee with the help of police personnel and administration officials to check bazaars, especially tyre shops.

Due to large number of patients at hospitals and homes, a committee has been made to collect the actual number of dengue patients. A dengue complaint cell has also been established.

Furthermore the DC is willing to get Shifa International hospital Islamabad engaged for help. On the special request of the DC, Dr Irfan, an expert reached Swat. Dr Irfan will give special directives to control the menace of dengue.