At last the 'dark comedy' in the name of justice system is coming to an end. Frontier Crime Regulation (FCR) Commissioner has overturned the 33-year sentence of Dr. Shakil Afridi, while ordering a re-trial. Earlier Afridi was charged of having links with Lashkar-e-Islam, a terrorist off-shoot of Pakistani Taliban led by Mangal Bagh.

We all know what was the real charge against Afridi, organising a fake vaccination campaign to collect DNA samples of Osama Bin Laden(OBL)' children ( a move orchestrated by CIA to narrow down OBL’ presence in Abbotabad' before May 02 raid to eliminate him).

But Afridi was sentenced for having a connection with the same terrorists whose spiritual guru was killed with his assistance, how amazing is that? Obviously, this hastily delivered and contradictory sentence was awarded under the influence of someone, who must be very upset by the May 2 raid, but didn't want to have any direct link with it.

This is the same contradiction we saw in Musharraf' case; on one side, Taliban have openly threatened to attack him as soon as they get the opportunity, while he is being tried in Pakistani courts in Benazir murder case for collaborating with Taliban to eliminate her. As we tirelessly await OBL' enquiry commission report to be made public, we need to come clean on the most important question, how could OBL be living in different cities of Pakistan for so many years without a trace? Who helped in tracking and eliminating him is secondary issue.

Pakistan has been a constant friend to US in the war on terror, so how was it possible that Pakistan was harbouring this ‘mega-terrorist’? One may presume that one day Afridi will get a fair trial in a civilian court but I am doubtful as many quarters will prefer him to be tamed.


Saudi Arab, August 30.