There is hue and cry in the whole country regarding corruption every where it seems to be a hopeless case of no one taking responsibility. The most used consumer item is the cell phone and most cellular companies have started large scale scams. It is hard to find out where your money (hard earned) vanishes after you recharge your cell phone or as is said in US ‘top it’. Most of these cellular companies have foreign investment behind them and they have very smart (cheaters) hired as the upper management who comes up with brilliant Machiavellian plans to take money from the poor illiterate masses in Pakistan.

When I visited UK last year I did not see cell phone usage the way it is misused in Pakistan. We should not blame others for our weaknesses, of course these intelligent businessmen know how to get hard-earned cash out of our pockets with promises that never materialise. The question still remains of ethics and corruption, do we have any regulatory cells to monitor these companies and the hidden deductions which tantamount to millions of rupees earning of operators in a day.

The vicious circle continues where our consumers are trapped when they buy a cell phone, an expensive one or inexpensive, if it is lost or taken at gunpoint, it is resold in the market. Some companies are offering to reimburse half the price to the buyer, thus earning again and again. Our youth is busy in chatting with low priced packages. Cell phone has become a daily necessity while in other, developed countries it is a luxury and has become a growing menace as personal data of subscriber is shared between operator, vendor, criminals. It is scary that our every move is monitored.

Cell phone crimes are on the rise; SIM issuance has become a child’s play and now kidnapper and anti-social element are using multiple SIMs to detract law enforcers, and last but not least, our young generation who should spend time in studying, career growth or enhancing their skills are engaged in never-ending affairs busy with SMS, games, apps or unnecessary wasteful talks. Let’s start saving our nation falling prey to a trap that ends up with socially, ethically, morally and financially weak nation.


Lahore, August 30.