Khawaja Asif has said that Kalabagh dam will be built only after developing consensus on it and not at the cost of the country's solidarity. We have been hearing this for the last many years but have seen no effort in this direction. The last such effort was made under the Water Accord of 1991. Should the minister not try and find out what is lacking in the Accord and can it possibly be put right? Should the minister also not try and find out how the solidarity of the country will suffer if the dam is built?

Is the solidarity of the country being served by starving it of power and water? Three assemblies have raised objections against the dam. It is only fair that those who are in favour of the dam are told what these objections are. Until all the cards are put on the table how can any consensus be achieved? Will any patriotic newspaper or TV channel step forward in this national cause. Or should we continue to keep sitting back on our hands?


Lahore, August 30.