Traffic jams are perennial nuisance in Karachi. Not a single road of the metropolitan city is free of traffic gridlock. As per reports, there was $3.03 billion loss due to traffic jams in Karachi in 2014. This is equivalent to nearly 5.5 percent of our GDP. By 2018,the Karachi congestion cost will exceed $4billion. Traffic jams not only cause financial loss but also time. They claims many lives in terms of accident and ambulances that stuck in traffic. Neither the federal government nor the Sindh governments seem to be paying any attention towards this severe problem.

The main reasons for severe traffic jams are: encroachment on roads and footpaths, fewer parking facilities, more vehicles on roads, violation of traffic rules, slow construction work along roadside, etc. VIP movements, political rallies and protest also cause severe traffic jams. The government should take steps to widen roads, remove illegal encroachments and other such necessary steps before its too late.


Karachi, August 16.