KHYBER - A 20-year-old tribal youth died of Congo fever in Piro Khel area of Landi Kotal, subdivision of Khyber district, family sources said on Saturday. Maulana Nisarullah Junaidi, father of deceased told that his son, Salman Shinwari, got ill a week ago and was taken to Peshawar hospitals where the doctors refused to admit him after suspecting him of being infected by Congo and referred him to Pakistan Institute of Health Sciences (PIMS) Islamabad, he said.

His son died of the disease in Islamabad hospital, he added. According to Deputy Director, Directorate of Health, FATA, Dr Ashiq, they received medical samples of the deceased, conducted in PIMS, that were found Congo positive and the result was conveyed to the deceased’s family.

According to Agency Surgeon Dr Shafiq, the Health Directorate and the Khyber District Health Department dispatched teams to the village of Piro Khel to investigate, if any suspected case of Congo disease was present in the area. Thorough examination of the deceased’s family members and the neighbours were carried out and were asked to contact them in case of consecutive fever for six to nine days.

Khan Haidar, another relative of the deceased has been admitted to Hayatabad Medical Complex due to constant fever and his medical tests have been sent to Agha Khan Hospital, Karachi, the family sources told.

Death of the youth due to Congo virus has created panic in the area. The dwellers of Landi Kotal stressed upon the health officials to take the matter seriously before it became an epidemic. Public awareness should be created regarding medication and precautionary measures for Congo fever, they remarked.