Dow University holds motivational seminar


KARACHI (PR): Distinguished herpetologist and career counselor Dr. Nadeem A. Tahami said that, without future planning, success isn't possible. If you have not thought about your future goals, you have already planned for your failure.

He quoted these words while speaking to the students as a guest speaker at Muin Auditorium, Dow University of Health Sciences. The session was attended by the Registrar of Dow University Professor Amanullah Abbasi, large number of students and the Vice Principal of Dow Medical College Professor Dr Haris Alvi.

He further added that, the day you start planning about your future is the day you have chosen the path towards success. From the past experiences and research studies, most of the outstanding students of Pakistan flourish abroad. He said that there is a bright future awaiting for Pakistani students abroad but the first step is to keep complete all necessary documents to avail the opportunity outside your country.

Thus it is also a part of the planning to collect all essential documents that you might need to submit at the time of applying. I look forward to guide you with the best of my knowledge so that you may get a good job opportunity overseas and may live a prosperous life in future.

He also guided the students about courses and interviews and answered their queries which helped them out to understand the importance of future planning and build their interest to seek out the opportunities and settle their lives abroad.

At the end, Prof Amanullah Abbasi appreciated his well delivered lecture in the session. He also presented him a shield as a token of honor and gratitude.


Gwadar now powered with best 4G services


ISLAMABAD (PR): In yet another landmark development, Telenor Pakistan has powered Gwadar city, historically an old fishing village that is now poised to become one of the world's most thriving seaports, with its best-in-class 4G services.

Due to the unavailability of long-haul fiber optic to carry traffic in the region, Telenor Pakistan has usedstate-of-the-art satellite solution to deliver 4G services to Gwadar. Subsequently, Telenor Pakistan users can now enjoy high speed data services at par with key metropolises like Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad. 

Owing to its important strategic location and ongoing CPEC related developments with immense economic and geo-political potential, Gwadar is all set to emerge as a regional and global maritime hub. With thousands of Pakistani and foreign professionals working day and night on diversified development projects,

Telenor Pakistan's 4G services will not only help in their professional communications but will also keep them connected to their loved ones back home.

At the same time, Telenor has upgraded all Gwadar sites to 3G as well, so that more people can access high speed internet even with their existing smartphones.



SGM holds talks on foreign policy


KARACHI (PR): Najamuddin Shaikh, former foreign secretary has said that a country's foreign policy emanates from its domestic policy. If its internal policies are strong, this will certainly lead to strong external policies.

He said this in a Talk on 'Foreign Policy Challenges and the New Government,' given on Saturday. It was organized by the Society for Global Moderation (SGM) in Karachi. Shaikh hoped that the new government in Pakistan will start moving towards a new identity and that it would recognize terrorism as a recurrent theme.

He was of the view that since every country has its own interests to look after, Pakistan must also accept the realities surrounding it and must accept that the Taliban are a reality though it must make sure that it does not become a party to the conflict. He said he was aware of the fact that for India, it was important to maintain the façade that terrorism was coming from across the border but this still meant that Pakistan must engage with India and hold talks with them.

He said he was encouraged by the fact that many countries were willing to mediate in this regard. He was of the view that while New Delhi talks to Srinagar regarding various issues, it must also talk to Islamabad.



Model to empower businesses announced

ISLAMABAD (PR): Being the frontrunner in creating opportunities by aiming at value creation, Pakistan's leading telecom and digital service provider, Telenor Pakistan, has announced its new and forthcoming business model for B2B (Business to Business) services which shall see the formation of new Division to be led by Haroon Bhatti as its first Chief Business Officer.

Telenor Pakistan believes there are immense opportunities in the B2B domain through stronger focus on value creation, innovation, enterprise solutions, customer experience and strategic partnerships which are aligned with the company's promise to deliver on its vision of empowering societies and connecting people to what matters most. Being the industry leader in innovation, this new set up will not only cater to the existing business needs in the market for new solutions but will also enable Telenor Pakistan to anticipate more sophisticated demands of its business customers.