Today is that ill-fated day which will be remembered for its unproportioned collateral damage. This day force us to relive our bitter memories. The entire world face was changed on this day, September11, 2001. Apart from 3000 deaths, 18000 people suffered from different diseases due to inhaled particles from the wreckage of World Trade Center. This incidence changed the way of our thinking. So far, more than 100 books have been written to highlight this incidence directly or indirectly.  

I will call it ——-WWIII ——-started on September11, 2001. It is not an exaggerated term coined by a victim who hails from and lives in FATA. It is an adequate term to describe the plight and the series of agonies, the people of FATA are facing, for the last 17 years. Its unfading shadow still follow us.The 9/11 damage will continue to cast a shadow on affected societies for generations if unaddressed in time. It has proved to be a bitter enemy for human beings as well as birds and livestock. According to Researchers migratory birds from Siberia did not choose Pakistan as their one of transit routes <an annual routine> when war declared on Afghanistan after 11/9.It brought unending miseries to the Muslim countries including Pakistan & it`s sovereign territories call FATA. In fact, before 9/11 FATA was more safe than the city of New York where as a routine the city`s Mayor requests and warns the parents that their under 16 years children must not come on the streets after 8 pm for their own security. So far, no Bank robbery has occurred in Kurram Agency where more than 20 Commercial Banks carry out their operation to facilitate 0.6 million people every day.  

What made FATA hostile to others—— have still unaddressed root causes like low literacy rate, poor economics, lake of basic infrastructures and the quite negative role of bureaucrats served their in any capacity, the traditional enmity between some tribes and the obvious reasons behind these enmities are the Zun (woman) Zer (monetary matters) Zameen (a piece of land).The US invasion of Afghanistan has been tremendously changed and affected the daily life, Customs, Traditions and the centuries old popular Jirga system of FATA areas bordering with Afghanistan. During war against Russians in Afghanistan the then Taliban and the people of FATA were two sides of a coin. Now after 9/11 and changed scenarios they are arch-enemies, living in a hostile atmosphere. Taliban influence rapidly increased in the area and they (Taliban) enforced their own traditions and customs. They are not abiding by the centuries old tribal core values, customs, traditions and norms.  

The FATA people are passing through an unending period of agonies and sufferings like immigration, homelessness, huge losses of live and properties, damages to the infrastructure, education and health. The centuries old and golden values were damaged to the extent where lowly were elevated and honourable were humiliated. Immigration from these areas to big cities has also changed the tribal traditions of the youths of FATA. Repeated drone attacks have changed the psyche of people. The traditional tribal music, an integral part of the tribal`s society has also suffered a lot. What is more painful ———is the indifference of the world towards a mass humanitarian issue. The world`s collective wisdom failed to uncover the root causes of terrorism that has crossed every border. After every damage, rehabilitation is the first task to carry out in the affected zones on priority basis, but we are still waiting for remedial action. When will this humanitarian subject weigh the world`s conscience? Till how long more the irreparable losses will remain an unanswered question? 


Kurram Agency, August 10.