Now-a-days we aware that the things are costing very expensive. Until poor can’t get three times food and their desires are being fulfilled. It is misfortune that they are will be sleeping night in Hungary stomach and other side their education is being abolished as well as their future is being destroyed. Only employing they don’t get their dress than how they run but our government only give those people job. They are belonged to rich family and the other hand all poor people are facing thousands of problems. Due to jobless we are labor and our parents are not giving us education. Our government is completely noiseless who are not enduring our trouble. It is sad that we are deprived from our basic amenities such as electricity, hospital and water. Terminally, we are very far from the things due to jobless. If government does not complete our facility than we can’t be suffered unemployment.

So, I request to government to give jobs and fulfill our wishes as soon as possible.


Kech, August 11.