LAHORE - Rail passengers were facing a great deal of inconvenience on Sunday due to delay in departure and arrival of trains across the country.

According to the Pakistan Railways administration on Sunday, arrival and departure of several trains was disturbed like 5-Up Greenline Express train arrived at 7:00 pm instead of 2:20 pm and it was about 4:40 hours late against its scheduled time, 33-Up Pak Business Express train was 10:30 hours late, 39 Up Jaffar Express was 4:45 hours late, 13 UP Awam Express was 2 hours late while 1-Up Khyber Mail Express train was 10 hours late.

Likewise, 8/Dn Tezgam train was 1:15 minutes late,14/Dn Awam Express was 5:00 hours late and 34/Dn Pak Business Express train was 8:45 hours late. 42-Dn Karakuram Express left Lahore with 3:45 hours delay, 44/Dn Shah Hussain Express train left for Karachi from here with 4:30 hours delay, whereas 6/Dn Greenline train was one hour late.

However, other trains ran under the regular schedule, informed the PR spokesman.