KARACHI   -  Terming Kashmir jugular vein of Pakistan, Pak Sarzameen Party Chairman Syed Mustafa Kamal on Sunday said only moral support would not work anymore for the resolution of Kashmir as the dispute has now reached to a historic crossroad.

Addressing a crowded press conference along with his party president Anees Kaim khani and Central leadership at Pakistan Secretariat after his four-day-visit to Azad Kashmir, PSP cheif said Kashmiris had been fighting the war of survival of Pakistan for the last 72 years.

The ill intentions of Indian forces are not just confined to eliminate 15 million Kashmiris but to step forward towards Pakistan, he added.

PSP extends its unconditional support to the government of Pakistan and PM on Kashmir, he held.

“I appeal Prime Minister Imran Khan, he should not ask people to fight war or not. These kinds of statements will strengthen the ill-intentions of enemies and will weaken the courage of Kashmiri freedom fighters whose bodies after their deaths, wrapped in Pakistani flag and laid to rest,” he held.

Kamal said: “It has become the matter of life and death. Pakistanis should get ready for the time to come, because history will decide who was standing with truth, and who was on the compromising side.”

Kamal said he asked the people of Kashmir in every forum to support Prime Minister of Pakistan and his statement on Kashmir that there was no good in talks with Modi regime.

He said a half of family members of Azad Kashmir lives in Indian Occupied Kashmir, and still they are looking towards Pakistan for help.

Sharing details of his visit, Kamal said he met the President of Azad Kashmir Sardar Masood, addressed a meet the Press at Muzafarabad press club. Also participated as chief guest at Muslim Conference organised by All Pakistan Jammu & Kashmir Ittehad.

Had a detailed visit of Pak India Line of Control near Chakothi, and met the families of displaced people at Muhajir Camp on special request of area notables.

Kamal said the people of Azad Kashmir have claims on Indian Occupied Kashmir. “I had promised to the people of Kashmir to spread their message across the globe.

He said each and every PSP worker stands with Kashmiris.”

He said the passions of Kashmiris are at the top. They are ready to die. I request the PM and the federal ministers to step ahead and talk bravely on Kashmir.

Kamal said: “I am not in favour of war, and if someone barge into my home with an intention to kill me and my family, I will not reluctant to kill him at once. The time of questions and answers has gone now. it’s time to take decision.”

Kashmiri genocide is going on in IOK. Kashmiris are running short of medicines and foodstuffs, he added.

He was optimistic that the sacrifices of Kashmiris will not go in vein, but we will see India dividing into pieces.

The imposition of curfew in Kashmir entered into 27th day. The world would not pay heed to the matter as long as we are not ready for war. The world is cruel, nothing but, self-interest does matter for it.

Kamal said: “We have fought and won the battle of Kashmir in Karachi. We uprooted the Indian agents from Pakistan.”

PSP President Anis Qaim Khani, vice chairman Ishfaq Mangi, members of National Council Syed Hafizuddin, Shamshad Siddiqui, Ashfaq Jamal were also part of party’s visiting delegation to Kashmir.