It seems that world powers have no interest in solving problems and disputes around the world. They seem more concerned and focused on their own benefit and global politics. Kashmir issue is pending with the UNSC for the last 72 years. There have been three wars between Pakistan and India due to this dispute. The people of Indian held Kashmir have been suffering perpetually, but the international community seems oblivious to this. Recently, the BJP in India after winning the landslide victory in elections has seriously started implementing it’s “Hindutva” manifesto. PM Modi has subjected people of IHK to the worst kind of siege and abrogated the special status of Kashmir under the Indian constitution. The international community did not seem moved until Pakistan raised veracious voice internationally. The UNSC met to discuss the issue on the request of Pakistan and China, which highlighted the issue all over the world. However, India doesn’t pay much of attention to international pressure and claims the Kashmir is its internal matter and the issue must be resolved bilaterally by India and Pakistan.

Many countries have urged both Pakistan and India to resolve the issue. However, had India been sincere in resolving the issue, it would not have backed out of talks with Pakistan under one pretext or the other. The suggestion that India and Pakistan would address the issue bilaterally seems unjust and would only prolong sufferings of people of IHK. The international powers must intervene and help resolve the dispute to rid the people of Indian held Kashmir from the worst kind of state inflicted atrocities.