It has been 72 years of our independence but still, immaturity reflects in masses. After the lapse of seven decades, masses are still quarreling over pity issues like who has sacrificed a lot more than the other in making of Pakistan and who has given territory to settle migrants. What a pity that owing to irresponsible statements of corrupt politicians we start a fight over such issues. We need to be mature enough to understand the context and purpose of such statements which are delivered to provoke sentiments of masses irrespective of their caste and language.

Pakistan has come into being through hard work, dedication, and unimaginable sacrifices. It would be ridiculous to fight over such issues. Rather, we should sit together and ponder over that what we have contributed so far in the progression of our country. Pakistan encompasses threats from enemies and need of the hour is to unite with each other to tackle these threats and give a deaf ear to such issues to fight over. It should also be well understood that such quarrels weaken the country as it damages the unity which is always the strength of any country and such tricks are always played by enemies to create unrest in the country. We should keep the identity of Muslims and Pakistanis irrespective of language and caste we belong to and respect each other’s regional language and caste.