KARACHI            -    In the sequel of DHA and CBC’s outreach to its residents, another meeting was held with a larger audience including senior representatives of various Defence Resident Associations, certain senior citizens and notables of the area.

The meeting, jointly chaired by Brig Rai Asim Mustafa, the new Administrator DHA Karachi and Brig Abid Ali Askari, Station Commander Karachi, was held in a cordial atmosphere.

In a healthy exchange of views, the residents appreciated and acknowledged the hectic efforts made by DHA and painstaking work of CEO CBC to dewater the water logged areas as quickly as possible. 

The participants also deliberated at length on the challenges that were faced during the current spell of heavy rains highlighting the inadequacies of the existing rain water drainage system. 

The respected members also suggested useful remedial measures and offered suggestions that were promptly noted by DHA and CBC for future action. 

In this regard, the members asked for more frequent interaction with the authorities to overcome the existing communication gap and allow certain exemptions in the aftermath of the rain damages. 

Some persistent grey areas like traffic congestions, need for more graveyards and communities specific issues also came under discussion during the lengthy discourse.

The esteemed members also decried and regretted the unpleasant situation that developed outside the office of CBC on Aug 31, 20 since some undesirable elements had resorted to rowdiness that was not expected in a civilised protest.

In the end, the Administrator DHA thanked all the participants for sharing their candid views and assured the members that DHA, CBC and worthy members are one team and would act in unison to overcome all the challenges. Following salient points were made by the Administrator and the Station Commander: -

1) It was also announced that a three months period would be granted to the rain affected residents in which they would be permitted to carry out repair and renovation works within the purview of DHA by-laws but without paying any fee or seeking permission. 2) In the same vein, the entire drainage system would be reviewed by the experts and necessary mitigation measures taken to avoid such a situation in future.

3) The members were also apprised about the considerable progress that has been made on the water desalination plant which upon commissioning is likely to reduce water shortage problem in the area.

4) Residents were also informed by the Administrator that a UAN and an email system would soon be made functional in DHA where the residents would be able to call and register their complaints.

5) It was also decided to hold a bi-monthly meeting with the residents in future besides reactivating the redressal committee system that existed in CBC.

The meeting that lasted for over three hours, ended on a very positive note with worthy members being assured that a follow-up meeting on other points raised during the meeting would be held shortly.