islamabad           -       I started my career as a TV show host for a private music channel over 18 long years ago and have evolved as a full time anchor working across a diverse range of media platforms as well as social media.

The evolution of media around the world, including Pakistan has now entered a dynamic phase, where digital social-media has provided countless choices to the audience, giving them the freedom to view on-demand and enjoy their favorite content, 24/7 and on-the-go. 

Fortunately, I was able to recognize the growing popularity and transformation of digital social-media, at an early stage, and kept adapting to the changing needs and preferences of the audience. For me, it has been an exhilarating journey, but recognition and success in this vast and diverse field can only be achieved by hard-work, to smartly create informative content and share it in an exciting manner, to attract a growing number of viewers in the Cyber-world.

Globally popular social-media apps promise tremendous opportunities for respectable income and learning, for talented individuals with their creative expressions and performances. Valuable ideas and infotainment is being shared across the globe, enabling cultural exchange and awareness among the masses. However, there are also a few mischievous content-creators who are misusing the power of social-media, by sharing inappropriate content which violates ethical values or insults other people. It is concerning to know that only on the basis of a few irresponsible and reckless content creators the authorities are considering a ban on some major digital platforms and apps.

This would be an impulsive decision on their part, which would hinder freedom of expression for many creative social media users. Suffocating a whole industry just to penalize a few miscreants cannot be a viable solution. The nation simply needs to identify, warn and educate these culprits, not to abuse these digital resources for cheap fun or petty financial gains. They must think more productively and make positive contributions to this rewarding industry. 

The authorities must also look at the long term socio-economic advantages of these technological facilities. Instead of banning the content-sharing apps, they must be transformed into breeding grounds for creative citizens.

Many good content-creators from Pakistan have already achieved huge international audience and are generating sustainable incomes for themselves. One of the exemplary Apps is TikTok with 500 million followers worldwide. It has implemented strict controls and preventive checks to remove offensive content, fake news, etc. promises complete security for the users. In the later half of 2019, TikTok removed 3,728,162 user videos for violating its regulations, while 89% of these videos were removed even before they were viewed. This is the kind of in-app moderation that we need. Therefore, PTA must not put a blanket-ban on such prudent and responsible platforms that have already nurtured many Cyber-superstars, who belong to different economic segments. It has issued ethical guidelines in Urdu, for the Pakistani V-loggers to create more productive and ethical content, to raise the intellectual capacity of their viewers.

PTA should consider that If these platforms are banned, it will set a precedent promoting the ‘banning culture’ which will easily spill over onto other platforms. I am thankful to the millions of fans who eagerly view and respond to the videos and content share. It is a great feeling of fulfillment, for me to express myself, while inspiring and enlightening millions of my fans. I would also like to urge the youth to reflect on their talents and take advantage of this fascinating world of digital content-sharing within the community guidelines.