ISLAMABAD        -       Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) administration has issued red alert for some of the Islamabad localities in view of the possible flood-like situation in the coming days.

Similarly, high alert has been declared in the Islamabad hospitals as heavy rains are expected to start in the coming days. In order to avoid any untoward situation due to expected heavy rainfall in district Islamabad, all the hospitals have been requested to remain high alert.

According to the ICT officials, flood advisory has been issued for Ghouri Town Phase-5, Soan Garden, few houses with basements in I-8 and I-9, low lying areas of Korang, and katchi abadis in the sectoral areas of Islamabad.

The advisory noted that in view of the geographical location and land characteristics of district Islamabad, most of the area of the district is generally protected from floods. Due to natural terrain and topography, the rain/flood water is disposed of through nullahs and natural slopes. However, some areas situated downstream of River Swan (Simly Dam) and River Korang (Rawal Dam) are vulnerable to be hit by high magnitude flood. In addition, katchi abadis along nullah in sectors F-7, G-6, G-7, G-8, H-9, I-9, Khanna, Ghouri Town, Sohan are also being considered vulnerable. Whenever, there is extensive and continuous rain in the catchment areas of Simly and Rawal dams, the excess water which overflows from the spillways causes flood in the rivers Swan and Korang. “Thus high flood in these areas may affect the low lying areas and disrupt services like water supply, sewerage, power supply, communication and agriculture system,” said the advisory. 

“In view of the past experience and previous flood history of the district, constant vigilance is required to combat the flood emergency in the rainy season particularly along the banks of river Swan and Koran,” said the advisory further. 

It further said that to meet any eventuality, flood control centres have been established in three union councils of Islamabad including Tarlai, Bharakahu and Sihala. 

A control room has also been established at the Deputy Commissioner Office which will function round the clock.