islamabad           -      Archaeologists have uncovered a 3,200 year old fortress in southern Israel that may give some clues to a lost people from the Bible. 

Measuring 60 feet by 60 feet, the two-story citadel had watchtowers in each corner and a courtyard paved with stone slabs and columns in the center. Researchers date the structure to the 12th-century BC, a time described in Book of Judges that was plagued by warfare. The team believes the structure was built by the Canaanites, perhaps with help from their Egyptian overlords, to fend off invading Philistines. 

Hundreds of pottery vessels, including ones probably used for religious rites, were found inside rooms arranged on both sides of the courtyard. Experts from the Israel Antiquities Authority uncovered the remains of the Canaanite fortification in the Guvrin Forest near Kiryat Gat, which sits about 35 miles from Tel Aviv.