ISLAMABAD             -        The Ministry of National Health Services (NHS) has started the provincial consultative meetings on the high burden of malnutrition, hepatitis and strengthening of the nursing sector, The Nation learnt on Tuesday.

The ministry has written letters to all provinces in this regard. The meeting will be held in Punjab on 2nd and 3rd September, in KP on 8th and 9th September, in Balochistan on 17th and 18th September and in Sindh on 15th and16th September.

The letter issued by the ministry addressing provincial chief secretaries said that on the direction of the Prime Minister and recommendation of the National Task Force on Health, M/o NHSR&C was assigned the task to engage the provinces to develop and finalise PC-1 to tackle high burden of malnutrition and hepatitis C and strengthening of the nursing sector.

It said that the PC-I was discussed in the meeting of Inter-Ministerial Health and Population Council of Pakistan chaired by SAPM on Health and participated by all provincial health ministries on 21st August, 2020.

The letter also said that issues related to the high burden of malnutrition, hepatitis C and strengthening of the nursing sector and PC-I developed by the M/o NHSR&C came under discussion.

“It was decided that a one-day consultative meeting will be held on 28th August, 2020 for further detailed deliberation and finalisation of 50 per cent provincial cost sharing of the PC-I, ensuring efficient use of resources and also avoiding any duplications,” said the letter.

It added that it was further decided that the subject meeting will be attended by all provincial health secretaries of departments of health under chairmanship of secretary, M/o NHSR&C.

The letter said the provincial consultative meeting was held on 28th August, at M/o NHSR&C. All the provincial health secretaries attended the meeting.  It was decided that the federal teams will visit each province/area to have a two-day consultative meeting with the provincial teams to rationalise the cost and activities of the respective PC-Is.

It said that it was also agreed that financial commitment by the provinces for 50 per cent share would be made after consulting Finance and Planning departments. In this regard, a meeting will be held in KP on 8th and 9th September, 2020 in the office of Secretary, Department of Health.

It also said it is therefore requested through your kind office to direct the relevant secretaries of finance and planning to ensure their participation in the consultative meeting on the second day of consultative meeting so that concrete decisions could be made regarding provincial financial commitment.