MULTAN           -      Punjab agriculture department has launched a new software application to help farmers get financial assistance and subsidies in a hassle-free manner after old method caused them troubles in logging into the system.

Earlier, farmers registered with agriculture department, used to open a specific application of Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) to punch a 13-digit code from a coupon they found from inside a bag of seed or fertilizers to claim subsidy. However, they had been facing problems in logging into this application following which a new application was launched, agriculture officials said on Tuesday.

Through this new application, farmers can get themselves verified from agriculture department and claim assistance or subsidy amount from HBL.

It may be noted that Punjab government was providing Rs500 subsidy per bag of DAP, Rs800 per bag of SoP, Rs500 on MoP, and Rs300 per bag of Nitrophos. 

Moreover, a sum of Rs5,000 per acre each on sowing of canola and sunflower while Rs2,000 per acre on Sesame cultivation on purchasing oilseed bags from Punjab Seed Corporation (PSC) or registered dealers, for promotion of oilseed crops. Financial assistance was also being extended to farmers on cultivation of pulses at the rate of Rs2,000 per bag of seed and Rs1,200 on a wheat seed bag.

So far, 36,000 farmers have successfully claimed subsidy in Multan tehsil since July 2020 till date.