ISLAMABAD - Minister for Information and Broadcasting Senator Shibli Faraz has said that Prime Minister Imran Khan will visit flood-hit Karachi on Friday where he will announce projects to address and resolve issues confronting the people of the port city.

While addressing a press conference following the federal cabinet meeting here yesterday, the minister said that the government is committed to resolve problems being faced by the people of Karachi in the wake of recent torrential rains. He said that the federal government will do whatever could be done to facilitate people of Karachi.

The information minister said Karachi has turned into quagmire of challenges as the Sindh Government is least interested to demonstrate seriousness on the issues of Karachi. He said that Prime Minister Imran Khan owns very explicit and categorical stance on the Karachi problems and will announce projects for the people of the city.

Karachi has been facing major issues relating to drinking water, sewerage and solid waste management, said the information minister. He said that the federal government accepts the mandate of Sindh government and issues of the province could not be addressed without the cooperation of the Sindh government.

He also said that the prime minister has also instructed Finance Minister Hafiz Sheikh and Sania Nishtar to start the second phase of Ahsas Program. He pointed out that the second phase of Ahsas Program had not been started following the increase in the Covid-19 cases. He said that the national economy is moving towards stability and positive indicators are being witnessed with undertakings of the PTI government. 

He said that coronavirus is still damaging economies of various other countries but Pakistan has got control on Covid-19.

Commenting on the names for Administrator for Karachi metropolitan, the information minister said that Sindh Government has proposed some names for the office of Administrator of Karachi and federal government has also suggest some names, and final name for this office will be announced soon.

Responding to a query, Senator Shibli Faraz said that he had not yet read the book of Sheikh Rasheed and will reply on any question after reading it.

He said that CPEC belongs to the people of Pakistan and it is very wrong that PML-N is taking credit of the project. He also added that China does not work with any political party but works with the government.

Prosperity of Pakistan and people of Pakistan are linked with CPEC. He added that enemies of Pakistan don’t want to see a prosperous and developed Pakistan, said the information minister.

He said that every country makes decisions in its larger interests and CPEC is in the larger national interest of Pakistan.

Commenting on Nawaz Sharif, the minister said the court has also stated that Nawaz Sharif should have to come. A person who has remained as prime minister of Pakistan thrice and is running from courts is very concerning. Nawaz Sharif should reply to the queries of the court, said Shibli Faraz adding that Nawaz Sharif uses to make viral his photos making walks and enjoying coffee in London.

The information minister also underlined that PML-N has been facing grouping and confrontation as many blocks have developed in PML-N. Meanwhile, Minister for Science and Technology Fawad Hussein Chaudhry said that the federal cabinet has approved first license of use of hemp for industrial and medical purposes under the aegis of Ministry of Science and Technology and Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research. He said that with the cultivation of hemp through industrial and medical purposes, Pakistan will attract multi-million markets in this regard.