DHAKA (AFP) - Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has taken her feud with nemesis Khaleda Zia to a new level by threatening to evict the former premier from her home. The two women, who have ruled the nation alternately for almost two decades, are frequently referred to as the battling begums for their longstanding personal animosity. Hasina, who came to power with a landslide victory in December elections, told parliament late Wednesday that Zia was living in her house illegally. I will request her to leave her house in the (army) cantonment in Dhaka, the premier said. No member of parliament, no leader of the opposition should live in the cantonment. She should not keep the house ignoring the law. She should leave the house willingly. The government would build apartments in the grounds around the house and give the homes to families of army officers who were slain in the February mutiny at another military base in the capital, Hasina said. Zia, head of the Bangladesh Nationalist Party, has lived in the army base since 1981 after her husband Ziaur Rahman, a former military chief and then president, was killed in an attempted coup. Before the recent elections, Bangladesh was ruled for two years by a military-backed government, which jailed both Hasina and Zia for a year on charges of corruption. They were released on bail in deals with the army to ensure they took part in the elections. The army took control because squabbling between their party supporters degenerated into deadly street violence.