It was first time in the history of this country that a woman resigned from the high position of federal minister on a point of principle. That is so different from the past when we have often seen a majority of our politicians changing their loyalties in exchange for ministries. Ms Sherry Rehman has set a noble precedent for all. She resigned in protest at the placement of a ban on GOE TV. PPP has always advocated cause of the independent media. Media has also reciprocated by greatly helping in mobilization of masses for the party during the election campaign. That helped the PPP in its electoral triumph on February 18. The only crime GEO committed was to air what had been happening on the streets. The only crime Sherry Rehman committed was that she protested at the ban on the channel. After mending fences with PML-N, one had expected the PPP to urge Ms. Rehman to assume her position again. This would have boosted the image of PPP. But unfortunately she was expelled from being the secretary information of the party as well. Bringing Ms Rehman back to her party office and cabinet position would set a dignified precedent in our politics. -GULSHER PANHWER, Johi, Dadu, via e-mail, March 27.