This refers to the terrorists attack on Police Training Centre at Manawan near Lahore on Monday. After eight hours of bloodshed, it all ended with the death of eight people while over a hundred policemen were injured. I wonder what was the show of jubilation about at the end of it all? The policemen were seen firing in the air as if they had come to attend a marriage party. The IG Police was carried on shoulders as part of the 'celebrations' and Rehman Malik was seen congratulating the police and Rangers. It seemed so childish. In my opinion, it was a day of total collapse of our security, a day of absolute failure of the security agencies. After the tragedy had struck, Rehman Malik came up with the information that the attack was planned in Waziristan and the attackers were sent by Baitullah Mehsud. He also told us that the attackers were twenty in number. Now what is the use of all this information when the damage had been done? -INSPECTOR QABACHA, Lahore, via e-mail, March 30.