KARACHI - The city council in its emergency meeting conveyed by Naib Nazim Nasreen Jalil on Thursday asked the government to abolish the KESCs privatisation and should immediately take control of KESC due to its complete failure in providing electricity to Karachi. On the alarming situation created by 6 to 12 hours power cut in the economic hub of Pakistan, Karachi, the city council called out an emergency meeting in which the house unanimously passed a resolution against KESC, and demanded that the KESC must generate electricity in its full capacity. The resolution suggests that KESC should produce electricity according to its full capacity. Gas turbine and coal power units should be installed soon instead of thermal power units in order to compensate the loss afflicted by the furnace oil prices. It further states that some hydro power units should also be installed and for that matter a unit at Ibrahim Mubarak village on Merani Dam is best possible solution, however, production units in sea is another possibility. KESC must work on these projects, as it has been done in Japan. Moreover, installation of solar units to produce electricity and to utilise Thar coal for installing coal power generation plants are the suggested proposals for KESC to overcome the power crisis. A member at the councils claimed that the current power cut doesnt have any technical reason because KESC is only producing 900MW of electricity that is half of its capacity. He illustrated that if KESC starts functioning properly and run all its 4 units, 1760MW electricity can easily be produced. According to the 1999 Nepra Pact, KESC is compelled to provide electricity in peak hours. While on the directives of the government of Pakistan, Pepco is obliged to provide KESC 250 to 300MW to make it run smoothly, however, the director Pepco told the media lately that they are currently providing KESC with 800 to 900MW, he added. He further told that he current requirement of electricity in Karachi is 2,100MW which could be raised up to 2,400MW this summer, therefore, it is necessary to take action against KESC because the prices of furnace oil are decreasing day by day, so KESC has no excuse for power cut. It is pertinent to mention here that the government of Pakistan has recently lay off Rs55 billion out of total due amount of Rs80 billion on KESC, while two of the four plants of KESC are run by subsidised gas. Shahana Arshad, a member, said that members of the house demand that KESC should be handed over to City government. Her suggestion was lauded by the house. The another member said that almost one million labourers had lost opportunities to find any work due to the loadshedding, therefore, the privatisation of KESC should be cancelled immediately. The opposition leader Saeed Ghani thanked the city council to have an emergency meeting on this vital problem of the City, and said that the whole house was united against the KESCs unnecessary loadshedding which might irks the citizens to retaliate in a violent manner at any extent. The KESC is involved in criminal act, therefore, it should be given back to WAPDA, he added. At the end of the session two resolutions were unanimously passed. One was initiated by Abdul Jalil of making at least two members of the city government the members of administrative/advisory committee of KESC to monitor the issues plausibly. The other resolution was moved by Saeed Ghani, Juman Darvan, Yousaf Naz, and Abdur Razzaq of paying tribute to Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto on his 30th Youm-e-Shahadat.