ISLAMABAD - The two-day experts meeting preparatory to the Friends of Democratic Pakistan (FODP) Ministerial moot concluded in Abu Dhabi on Thursday with a strong recommendation to help enhance Pakistans inherent strengths and capacity in overcoming the economic and security challenges. The meeting was co-chaired by Dr Tariq Ahmed Al-Haidan, Assistant Under Secretary for Political Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Salman Faruqui, Secretary General to the President of Pakistan. The Secretary General reiterated the intention of the government of Pakistan to keep the FODP process and the Donors Conference on separate tracks and with distinct objectives. He added that while the Donors Conference would address immediate financial needs, the FODP was a long-term process and therefore it was proposed to establish a secretariat and separate working groups to continue engagement with FODP members. The FODP meeting in Tokyo would be an important milestone in this process. Pakistans strategic perspectives on the FODP process and the Tokyo Donors Conference were presented. Pakistan also presented proposals on the five clusters in development, security, energy, institution building and trade and finance. The experts appreciated the transition to democracy in Pakistan and its consolidation. The meeting further appreciated the commitment of the Pakistans leadership to strengthen democratic institutions and promote rule of law. The experts noted with appreciation the clear articulation by Pakistan of its strategic priorities in terms of promoting development and security and countering the challenges of terrorism and extremism by adopting a holistic and comprehensive approach. After preliminary discussions on the various clusters, there was consensus that the overall framework pursued by Pakistan was commendable and would provide the basis for further discussion and in-depth consideration. There was a consensus to carry forward the FODP process after the Tokyo Ministerial. It was proposed that separate working groups would be established with interested countries and institutions to examine their engagement under different clusters. These would be integrated with established donor coordination arrangements. The Friends of Democratic Pakistan expressed interest in developing bilateral and multilateral partnerships with Pakistan in specific clusters. This process will be carried forward in consultation with the relevant ministries in the government of Pakistan. The experts took note of the interest to evolve Pakistans strategy for effective communications and public diplomacy by reaching out to the business community and media to positively project the FODP initiative. The experts also took note of the forthcoming Donors Conference in Tokyo, which aims at meeting Pakistans urgent financial requirements. The Meeting recommended high-level participation at the FODP Ministerial in Tokyo on 17 April. The meeting noted Pakistan's decision to establish the FODP Secretariat in Islamabad. In line with the statement by the high officials of the FODP adopted in Abu Dhabi on 17 November 2008, the meeting recommended to the FODP Ministerial to give strong political support to the FODP process and to the mutual efforts of Pakistan and the FODP to enhance Pakistans inherent strengths and capacity in overcoming the challenges and building a partnership for peace and development.