LAHORE -The PML-Ns banners and portraits of Sharif brothers removed after the imposition of governor rule in the Punjab, are again on display in front of Punjab Assembly building on The Mall after the 39 days of heightened confrontation between the two major political parties. The exhibition of hoardings at the venue, which is hub of all sorts of political activities, especially for celebrations and protest, is enough to reveal that PML-N is back with a bang. The colourful banners carrying congratulatory messages on the reinstatement of Shahbaz Sharif and his government in Punjab could be spotted in a large numbers. Through these banners, PML-N party leaders and activists felicitated party leadership for winning the war of principles that ultimately led to restoration of Shahbaz Sharif government in the province. Some big banners have also been fixed with the iron fences around the park located in front of building of provincial assembly. The work to place the banners and install pictures was started late at night and by the dawn the Chairing Cross was presenting a different look. For most of PML-N workers, the venue became a focal point of the PML-Ns recent struggle. They believed it was the point where both Sharif brothers flexed their muscles and delivered great speeches. Again, it was the starting point of route of Nawazs long march, which turned the table in favour of the Sharif brothers. Apart from the Punjab assembly, the display of portraits of Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif coupled with welcoming banners could be seen at important intersections and localities in the city. It is interesting to note whether there are protests or strikes, business of banner-making remains in full swing despite economic meltdown. The publicity material is mostly used by political parties whether in government or opposition. PML-N, PPP, PTI and JI are amongst the top political parties vying for public attention with communication through such political devices.