LAHORE - Since February 25 - the day when Shahbaz Sharif was disqualified from holding the Punjab fort - two sprees of bureaucratic reshuffles have amply demonstrated the fact that there exists political polarisation of bureaucracy, and the baboos stand clearly divided into pro and anti groups belonging to two political opponents, who are being seen as 'uncomfortably on friendly terms these days. With the second-homecoming of Shahbaz Sharif as the Chief Minister Punjab, there came an end to the shortest stints of officers, chosen by Governor Punjab Salmaan Taseer and his visionless visionary stooges dreaming to run the province for years to come sans seeing a quick conclusion to an unmanageable honeymoon in the power corridors. One wise thing done by the civil administration, led by Chief Secretary Punjab Naguib Ullah Malik - Prime Minister Gilanis nominee - was that of distancing himself and his subordinates from the political wrangling and regimentation, and it was clearly shown to the men for and behind the Governor rule, who were found constantly complaining to the premier and the Governor about the disobliging Malik. But he was also shown the exit door, which is a bad message to weaker minds that political affiliation is a must for surviving in particular circumstances. What a quick end to an apolitical shot at being a professional? exclaimed a senior officer who was hoping that a few officers merited the continuation of their jobs in the province. On the other hand, the Governor rule was a period when the pronounced corrupt and politically aligned police cops were brought back to important slots, while a few were given the assignment of causing defections. Provincial Police Officer Khawaja Khalid Farooq is a brother-in-law of Governors mouthpiece Farrukh Shah (earlier also served Shahbaz Sharif and Ch Pervaiz Elahi with the same zeal), and the Khawaja left no stone unturned in actualising the political cause, but could not go beyond his God-given capacity of removing odds inherently pitched against the PPP men, maintained the officer, who was of the opinion that from February 25 to March 31, peoples sense of security had hit its lowest ebb, while internationally Pakistans image was further stigmatised grimly as a terrorism-ridden state, especially after March 3 and 30 terrorist attacks. This was due to criminal negligence of top cops, and a huge number of transfers, which undermined the polices capacity to deliver while corrupt thrived, which is proven by the consistent decline in efficiency and probity, averred the officer. Since March 31, the Punjab administration has been again thrown into the reshuffle throes. On Wednesday, a policy order was issued ordaining the administrative departments and the police to bring all officers and officials to their pre-February 25 postings. This is like further polarising the already polarised bureaucracy. Now one lot of friends (Salmaans) is being replaced by another lot (Shahbazs). It seems as if top bosses, whether political or administrative, can only work with a selected few, which also hints at the intrinsic weakness of the top men, who are convinced that only people of their choice with a proven or 'proved loyalty can serve them better, said another officer, who believes in professionalism, but always sits on the edge of his seat anticipating shift in his duties again. While looking beyond the opinionated expediency of officers of being professionals to the core, a huge number of examples depict that the officers have a love lost for remaining politically affiliated. Hafeez Akhtar Randawas daughter Maimoona and Salman Saddiques son Ali could not get Q-Leagues platform for polls. GM Sikander took leave to serve Chaudhrys at their home, while Ch Pervaiz Elahi enjoyed 'official protocol during interim period with bureaucracys support. These are the glaring, but disgusting examples of politically aligned top bosses, quoted an officer. After the last legislative polls, the present administration assembled its own team at every level, while rejecting the PML-Q term officers on a flimsy pretext of choosing 'right kind of men, and relegating the earlier as politically aligned 'inefficient lot. No doubt, the next lot will have the same claim for the present ones, as this never-ending trend seemed to have oozed deep into the officialdom. 'Work with us or leave or prove loyalty in the reverse order ... will be definitely another order.