KARACHI - The metropolitan is facing acute shortage of power supply. This situation has largely affected the lives of citizens, especially that of students appearing in examination. These days Matric examinations are being held in Karachi and the students are busy in preparing for them and condition of electricity has irked their patience. An annoyed student from Gulshan-e-Iqbal asked: We have tried and worked very hard throughout the year. During exams, no matter how much we have prepared, we still need revision. But thanks to the KESC, we cannot do so as loadshedding occurs after every 2 hours for one hour. My simple question to the respected authorities is that who would be responsible for the bad results? My daughter has worked with great dedication for her studies. But I fear just because of these power outages, my daughter would suffer. I just pray to God to help us all and our children. Perhaps a common citizen of this country can only pray for betterment in the organisations related to civil rights. As, I feel government is also helpless in front of KESC, said a mother of a metric student from Malir. On the other hand, such condition of power supply has also a worse impact on the hospitals. Patients and their attendees have to go through intense emotional and physical pain because of this condition. Operations in the hospitals have been delayed due to these power outages. Precisely it is right to blame the KESC for its malpractice. The company has failed at large to provide any relief to the citizens even in winter. From last two decades, nothing has been done in the power generation sector. No investment has been made in this sector by its private buyers, said energy expert and social activist. But then again, it is somewhat our own problem as well. We need to change our life style and especially our attitude towards electricity consumption. If the government and company have failed in their duties, we as citizens of this metropolitan should steadfastly perform our duties. It is ironical that no awareness has been given to the citizens by the power utility regarding power consumption and its safety, he added. For electricity consumption and our attitude towards it, he explained that the city has the total population of around 170 million. The average of 10 people in a family lives here. If one family starts saving electricity by using energy saver bulb and turning off lights during daytime, it could save 3,24,8000 watts. If we reduce our dependence on the electrical appliances, for 1 hour only, such as iron, microwave, refrigerators and water pumps we could save 2,67,5000KW per day. By this exercise we can 0.539748MWs daily and 197.00802MWs per year. The marriage lawns should be closed at 11pm or all the celebrations should be held in the day time. It is much better to save electricity than to suffer in the dark for long spells. This is the only way to get rid of loadshedding. Perhaps, we need to counter the power shortage ourselves. In saving electricity company is also helping by doing unscheduled loadshedding, he further added. Meanwhile, the city has been facing loadshedding of around 300MWs. The demand of electricity for the day remains 2,200MWs. Multiple spells of loadshedding being observed in all parts of the metropolitan.