KARACHI - An interesting situation was created when opposition members surprisingly sat on the treasury benches instead of their own reserved benches during the city council session. The reason behind this was stated that some rats cut the microphone wires of the opposition benches, The Nation learnt on Thursday. Now it is proved that rats are also assisting KESC in doing loadshedding because these rats cut the wires of microphones of opposition benches and hence compelled the opposition members to sit on treasury benches. As per details, when the city council session, especially held for discussing the KESC performance and ongoing loadshedding, started, the newsmen surprised when they saw the outspoken opposition leader of Awam Dost group, Saeed Ghani, and some others sitting on the treasury benches. House leader Asif Siddiqui said that when the problem came into their knowledge, there was no time for the maintenance as the session was about to start so they accommodated the opposition members on their benches so that the house proceeding would be continued on time. Wire disconnection of microphones of opposition members will be maintained as soon as possible. It may be noted that the presence of rats in the government offices is a very common complaint. Sindh government had launched rat-killing campaign twice in mid 1970s and 1990s. There is a dire need to launch the anti-rat campaign again as the anti-dog had been launched in the recent past.