KARACHI - The Sindh government has collected only Rs16.2 billion in terms of tax and non-tax provincial receipts during eight months (July-February) of current financial year 2008-09, officials told The Nation. The provincial government of Sindh set the target of raising provincial receipts (tax and non tax collection) to Rs30.252 billion for current FY08-09, against Rs25.301 billion of FY2007-08. The senior officials of Sindh Finance Dept were also not satisfied with the performance of the tax collection staff of the various departments which was leading to a huge shortfall in the receipts of the provincial government. An official attributed the absence of proper tax collection system, lack of the training of tax staff and inconsistent approach of the political leadership, who have been ruled on Sindh as main hindrances behind the poor tax collection of provincial receipts. Out of total provincial receipts target of Rs30.252 billion, the tax collection target was set at least Rs19.772 billion while remaining Rs10.480 billion was set as target of non-tax collection for current FY2008-09. So far, the Sindh government collected total Rs16.2 billion in eight months of current fiscal year which was about fifty per cent of total target of Rs30.252 billion, official said. The Sindh government collects its own provincial revenue on account of over 13 provincial taxes ranging from stamp duty, infrastructure cess, motor vehicle registration and agriculture income taxes. The data of provincial tax collection available with The Nation, disclosed that Sindh government has collected Rs13.70 billion in terms of various taxes during July to February of current fiscal which was much below the annual target of Rs19.772b of this fiscal. The eight months collection of the stamp duty has been recorded at Rs4b which was 63pc of the annul target of Rs6 billion for FY08-09. The Stamp duty was the major tax of provincial earnings which are collected from air tickets and judicial stamps by provincial government. But, the data of eight months tax collections are not seemed at satisfactory level. Meanwhile, under the registration of transfer of property tax, the provincial government collected Rs586 million in eight months of this fiscal which was 64 per cent of total annual target of Rs880 million under this head for current FY2008-09. However, official said the significant achievement had been recorded under the tax collection of provincial excise during eight month as it reached to Rs1.1 billion against the annual target of Rs1.7 billion for FY2008-09. According to tax collection data, the poor performance of government was witnessed in eight months collection of tax on profession, trade and calling and remained at Rs150 million which was much below the annual target of Rs225 million for this fiscal. Similarly, Motor Vehicle Registration tax which was another major source of income showed impressive performance in this fiscal as total collection reached at Rs1.7 billion during July-February of this fiscal which was 84 per cent of annual target of Rs2.6 billion for this fiscal 2008-09. The provincial government collected merely Rs233 million in terms of the Agriculture Income Tax during eight months of this fiscal which was only 48 per cent of total annual target of Rs350 million for FY08-09. According of officials, the water shortages and low agri products were main obstacles behind this poor recovery of agriculture income tax.